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Here at Pergola London, we offer quality modern pergolas, for both residential and business purposes. Our pergolas will allow you to spend quality time outside relaxing and enjoying the fresh air, no matter what the weather conditions are. Our varied range of pergolas include different sizes, free standing pavilions as well as pergolas that can be mounted directly onto buildings. With many options available: windows, heaters, lighting and protection from the weather as standard, You'll want to stay in our pergolas and never go home! Contact us today for more information or to request a free catalogue of our products.

  • Customized pergola roof dimensions
  • Louvered, wooden, aluminium and steel pergolas
  • Modifiable terrace pergola for your home or business building
  • Constant contact and help in customization process


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Fabric segmented pergola

This classic, popular pergola, with its stylish, minimalist, simple appearance, is perfect for bars, cafes or in your garden. The folding roof covers a large area and the stability of the structure guarantees you safety and satisfaction.

Fabric flat pergola roof

The modern aesthetic of this pergola makes it an excellent choice if you value beautiful, minimalist designs and you care about comfort and relaxation. The simple, geometric design will fit perfectly and complement any environment.  

Lamella pergola

A pergola of elegant and simple design, coupled with excellent workmanship. It gives effective protection against the sun and has a built-in drainage system to protect against the rain. A stylish pergola that you enjoy all year round.

Canopy - roman pergola roof

This pergola, also called the Mediterranean pergola, is characterised by a modern, striking appearance and a very slim design. Excellent workmanship means it can protect from the rain with an integrated rain gutter also, it has an overhang of 6m.

Rolled terrace pergola

This striking pergola, is characterised by a modern, simplistic appearance. It protects from both the sun and rain and has a maximum overhang of 6m. the perfect choice for those who like being outside all year round.

Pergola roof system

This roof system has a simple, effective design. It is available in almost 200 different colours and assorted fabrics. It gives excellent protection from sun and wind and can be installed internally or externally in any building.


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With all the hustle and bustle of today’s chaotic lifestyles, being able to relax outside is truly a gift. We can relax, de-stress and unwind. Unfortunately due to our unpredictable weather, it’s not always possible to sit and relax in our gardens. Pergola London has the perfect solution. We supply a large range of quality pergolas, constructed from different materials and in various styles. These modern pergolas have far evolved from older models. They are strong, made to withstand harsh weather, especially rain, and will give you the freedom to enjoy your garden all year round, no matter the weather! To learn more about our products, check the offer page and our articles.

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