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Pergolas an easy idea for a holiday all year round

internet123 17 December 0 Comments

Attractions and outdoor activities are certainly popular and plentiful In London. But getting away from the hustle and bustle is often a desirable and needed activity. Pergolas have been widely popular for several years, giving terraces and gardens not only a modern look, but above all, giving homeowners new opportunities to enjoy the charm of their private outdoor space all year round, and escape the noise and fast pace of the city.

Pergolas are not only for beautiful days

Outdoor pergolas give homeowners more choices for their leisure time, thanks to which, London residents can enjoy the charm of their outdoor gardens almost all year round. Pergolas are also becoming a standard in most hotels, spas, they are decorated and used to attract people in restaurants and other catering facilities. Thanks to pergolas, we can increase places where we can spend time no matter the time of year, without being outside in the open air and exposed to the elements.

Pergolas comfort and safety

Both Lamella Pergolas, Segmental-Fabric Pergolas, Fabric Pergolas with a flat roof and Light Pergolas, will protect us from rainfall, thanks to the waterproof materials from which they are constructed. It is also possible to equip many pergola models with additional gutters, hidden within the aluminium sides, which drain water, and protect the fabric  giving the pergola fabric a longer lifespan and allowing you to enjoy the structure for many years. Pergolas can also protect people from winds and other adverse weather conditions thanks to its solid construction and strengthening side bars, which guarantee your safety. This is also another reason why pergolas are also appreciated by customers of commercial facilities. Pergolas will also provide effective protection against heat and UV radiation, which is especially important during summer events. The side walls can also regulate the shade on your terrace or garden.

Pergolas, tailored to your needs

Garden pergolas, thanks to different personalization options, are available in a wide selection of construction and roofing materials, different fabrics; different roofing styles are also available. The pergolas can be tailored to suit your personal preferences, in particular whether you want a free standing pergola which can give you more shaded areas at places further away from your house or, whether you prefer a pergola attached to your property. Thanks to the opening roofs, you can regulate access to natural light, while ensuring natural air circulation. Roof adjustment is very simple and easy, thanks to electronic control. Any pergola can be given a unique personalisation and character with additional options, such as: heat radiators, LED lamps and movable glazing, which allows you to create a personal space that reflects your needs and mood. The striking design of  Roman Canopy Pergolas, their geometric modern look, will give a stylish aesthetic to your garden . At Pergolas London you will find a wide selection of pergolas that can be easily adapted to  fit all your requirements and meet all your needs.