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We all like to sit outside, relax and enjoy the fresh air. At Pergola London, we supply a large selection of pergolas to suit all tastes and requirements. Our pergolas are made from quality materials and will enable you to enjoy the outside, no matter the time of year or weather.

Fabric segmented pergola

The Segmented Fabric Pergola has a stylish, minimalist aesthetic. It is an excellent choice for the garden and can be used by hotels, restaurants and bars, where it can be utilised as an outdoor eating or drinking area, throughout the year; no matter what the weather conditions are. The pergola has a folding roof that will cover a large area wherever it is placed. This classic style is a very popular choice, as it can be used in all weather conditions.

Product specification

This striking pergola consists of a strong, stable aluminium frame which is resistant to wind and other types of weather. The soft rolled roof is made of a waterproof fabric, which stops UV rays from penetrating through, giving protection from both rain and the sun’s harmful rays. The stable construction is resistant to strong winds blowing up to a speed of 120 km/ hour. So, no matter the weather, you can be confident that you will be safe inside all year round.

The pergola is available with various options, including: a flat or inclined roof, heating radiators, sliding windows and integrated LED lighting. These additions allow you to use the terrace even on a winter’s night.

Fabric Flat Roof Pergola

If you love beautiful, minimalistic designs, this is the pergola for you. These pergolas consist of strong aluminium frames and a flat folding roof made from durable fabric. The material is stretched across the stable frame, which gives shape to the entire structure.

Product specification

The flat roof of this pergola has an excellent application: it is made of fabric, divided into folding segments, electronically controlled. Using the electronic control, you can open different amounts of segments at a time, which results in different amounts of light entering the pergola. A few segments will only allow a little light to enter, whereas many will allow much more light to enter. An extra function with this pergola is that it has a built-in drainage system which invisibly drains rainwater away, giving you complete protection from rainfall.

LED lighting is also another excellent feature that comes with this pergola as standard; it allows you to use your pergola at night as well as day. This pergola is available for personalisation with options such as glazing and blinds for extra shade. You can create your own place to relax, keeping cool on a hot day and bright during the dark night.

Lamella Pergola

This pergola has a modern, elegant design. It consists of an aluminium frame and a roof composed of slats, also known as lamellae, that are able to open and close. When all the lamellae are arranged horizontally, the roof of the pergola iis tightly closed; it shades the interior and protects it from rainfall. If the slats are opened, then light can penetrate into the pergola. The slats can be tilted at different angles, which allows you to control the amount of shade or light there inside the pergola. Being able to control the opening of the roof also allows for fresh air to circulate within the pergola. 

Product specification

An impressive feature is the water drainage system, which is integrated into the pergola structure, protecting from rainfall. Impressively, this pergola can also withstand heavy snow loads and strong wind and pressure, making it perfect for use during the winter months. 
 It comes standard, with glazing and sun visors and can be free standing, or mounted to ceilings or walls, as a more permanent structure. There are different personalised options available, including: a motor drive that allows quick control of the roof, side glazing, heat radiators and integrated LED lighting.

Roman Canopy Pergola

The striking Roman Canopy Pergola, also known as the Mediterranean Pergola, is characterised by a lightweight structure with a slim design. Its elegant, modern aesthetic is a result of the construction of rectangular profiles with a cross section of 80×80 mm connected at right angles.

Product specification

These pergolas are similar in function to awnings and are composed of a lightweight frame with a waterproof material rolled roof. The roof can be attached to a wall, rafter or ceiling and is put under tension. The pergola is connected to sliding brackets and guard rails, which allow it to be installed at different heights and therefore shade different sized areas.

The water proof fabric protects against the rain when it is inclined, this allows the water to flow through the integrated rain channel. An advantage of these pergolas is that they are able to be positioned at different heights. 

The Roman Pergola is available as wall attached or as a free-standing model. It can be manually or electrically controlled. There is an option of customising this pergola so that the fabric is flat without a slope, with this option it will not protect from the rain, only from the sun.

Rolled Pergola

This stylish, efficiently designed pergola is characterised by a modern, simplistic appearance and consists of a rolled roof which protects both simultaneously  from the dangerous rays of the sun and the rain. The pergola has a maximum overhang of 6m. the perfect choice for those who enjoy spending time outside all year round. The maximum dimensions of the pergola are 6m by 6m.

Product specification

The front supports of this pergola are adjustable in height up to 10 cm, this is an advantage, and is so that the difference in ground level can be freely compensated. When the roof is withdrawn it is rolled into the blind which protects it from the weather and secures and protects it when it is not in use. In addition, another benefit is that the supports can be adjusted in order to drain any water accumulating on the top of the roof so that it flows down one of the sides.  

Operation of the pergola roof can be controlled  manually or by electronic control, with an electric motor as standard, alternatively, you can opt for the extra of a radio motor and a markilux remote control. The pergola is available in different colour options.

Pergola Roof System

The Pergola Roof System is uniquely designed for use as a temporary roofing system with multiple applications. It is perfect to use as a cover for external wooden structures, like winter gardens, and for in the home it is perfect to cover glazed horizontal or sloping roofs, it can also be used as sunlights. Its simple but ingenious design consists of a sunscreen roof system that can be installed internally or externally, and has a large range up to 4 m and a  width up to 5 m. 

Product specification

This system gives excellent protection against the wind, it has a rating of Class 3 wind resistance; and the waterproof fabric protects against rainfall. No matter what use you  are utilising it for, you can be confident that you will be protected. Another benefit is that using this system prevents rooms from heating up and keeps the interior cool. The roofing system is controlled by electronic controls.

The Pergola Roofing System is available in a wide range of fabrics and almost 200 colours. If you opt for the durable Dickson fabric, it has a ten-year warranty. Giving you the security that this system will stand the test of time.