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Terrace Pergola what type of construction to choose?

internet123 17 December 0 Comments

A Terrace Pergola is an indispensable structure for every household, whose residents appreciate sitting outside, regardless of the changing weather. Although, it is worth remembering that the Terrace Pergola can come in different shapes and sizes and have different functionalities. There are various models that can be chosen, the one which suits you will depend upon your requirements.

Fabric Terrace Pergola with flat roof

Made of fabric, the terrace pergola with a flat roof is distinguished by its specific structure. The roof of the pergola consists of a series of folding segments that can be opened independently, according to your preferences. The more segments that are open, the more light that will fall into the pergola through the canopy. This construction is also resistant to water. Thanks to the gutters built into the frame, water is drained from the material. The fabric terrace pergola is constructed on an aluminium frame, which can be enriched with LED lighting, this will enable you to use the pergola no matter how late it is in the evening.

Lamellar terrace pergola

As in the case of segmented construction, the Lamella Terrace Pergola also allows the roof to be opened and closed. Thanks to this function, natural air circulation is possible. You can open (vertical or oblique position) or close the lamellae (horizontal position) with one movement, just like with blinds, the opening angle can be precisely adjusted depending on your requirements.

 A Lamella Terrace Pergola can be installed without drilling or being screwed into the wall. It can act as a free-standing structure, which, if necessary, can be easily moved to another part of the garden. Lighting the pergola with LEDs iis not the only personalization that can be carried out, there is also the option of retrofitting it, for example, with sun visors and glazing, 

The Pergola London company offers many different pergolas models. In addition to
Lamella and Terrace structures, you can choose Segmented Fabric Pergolas or Light Pergolas. The pergolas all perform identical functions but they differ by their individual designs and the options that they have.

Not sure which pergola will work best in your home? Don’t worry, contact the specialists at Pergola London who will give you advice and help you in making an informed choice. See for yourself how the right pergola can enrich your free time.