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Garden pergolas where modern life meets traditional living

internet123 15 January 0 Comments

Garden pergolas were first introduced in the middle ages. Their construction was slightly different to the structures we are familiar with today. They were commonly constructed from a system of supports arranged in two rows. At the top of the structure there were beams that climbing plants were planted to grow around. This ancient pergola supplied a shady place but it was also an integral architectural part of the individual buildings.

What do modern garden pergolas look like and how different are pergolas today?

Despite the passage of time, garden pergolas have not lost their popularity or attraction, although their use has changed slightly. While they still advertise the good taste and style of their owner, their original structure has gradually evolved into semi-open gazebos.

Modern garden pergolas today are often structures that are installed outside to provide shade and to protect the users from the weather. Thanks to this, the residents of the house can comfortably spend time outside all year round, regardless of whether it is raining outside or the wind is blowing.

These pergolas can be divided into two types: free-standing pergolas, (which work well in both domestic and commercial use, e.g. as an element of a beer garden or restaurant) and adjacent pergolas, attached to the house.

Can garden pergolas be personalised?

Unlike their centuries-old counterparts, modern garden pergolas combine classic wooden materials with many modern technologies, such as electric motors which are used to control opening and closing of the roof.

Lamella Garden Pergolas are an example of modern pergolas. These are equipped with an opening roof, which allows air to circulate and adjusts the microclimate within  the pergola by opening and closing. However, the user is not at the mercy of weather conditions. Protection against rain is provided by the lamellas which are rotary controlled slats which can be opened and closed. Thanks to these, the user gains the ability to set the parameters of temperature, shade and light intensity of the pergola according to their preferences.

Segmented Fabric Garden Pergolas

Supporters of modern designs will certainly like Segmental and Fabric Garden Pergolas, created from a waterproof material that prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating into the pergola.The modern character of these structures is manifested not only by the departure from wooden materials to stronger metal materials, but also by the various technological gadgets that can be installed. Among the gadgets that are available are: mini heat radiators, movable glazing and LED lamps, which together create a unique, relaxing mood.